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The Beltone™ Difference

Since its founding in 1940, Beltone has worked hard to distinguish itself as a company dedicated to innovation and exemplary personalized customer care in the hearing health care field. Thanks to this commitment and to Beltone’s consistent 90th percentile patient satisfaction ratings, the company has grown to more than 1,500 locations throughout North America and has become a brand seniors trust for hearing health care.

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The Hearing Centre in Red Deer

The Hearing Centre is proud to represent the Beltone name and philosophy of excellence in our location. If you have or suspect hearing loss, our team of caring professionals is ready to help you find a personalized hearing solution. Learn more about our products and services.

The Hearing Centre Experience

There is no doubt that the earlier hearing loss is identified and addressed, the more likely that you can keep your good hearing in the years to come. That’s why we give you a complimentary hearing screening that is comfortable and thorough. Since the causes of hearing loss are varied, you may not even need hearing aids to recover your hearing.

If the screening determines that you do need a hearing aid, we can help you choose from an unparalleled selection of advanced, durable and nearly invisible Beltone hearing aids with many styles and features. You can even try them out in our office to help you make your choice.

Your Beltone hearing aid purchase at The Hearing Centre entitles you to service at any participating Beltone office internationally as long as you own the item. Ask us also about BelCare™ benefits that include an annual hearing evaluation, access to a patient care phone line, a warranty, 2-year protection for change in hearing loss and many other benefits.

Don’t Wait to Schedule Your Hearing Evaluation

Ignoring the signs of hearing loss can hasten its progression. Studies show that those who neglect their hearing loss may also find themselves more isolated socially and are at greater risk for depression and even Alzheimer’s disease. Screening and early detection can help preserve your hearing for a lifetime. Schedule your hearing evaluation at The Hearing Centre and experience the difference that personalized, attentive and dependable hearing care can make in your hearing – and your life.

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