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Answers to Your Hearing Health FAQs

Q: How do I know if I have hearing loss?

A: There are a number of warning signs for hearing loss, including ringing in the ears, frequently asking others to repeat themselves, complaints that you play the TV/radio too loud, no longer hearing normal household sounds, difficulty understanding conversations held in a crowd, difficulty having telephone conversations and others. Take this online test to see if you show signs of hearing loss.

Q: If I had hearing loss, wouldn’t my doctor have noticed?

A: Not necessarily, as not all physicians routinely screen for hearing loss during a physical.

Q: If I suspect I have hearing loss, what should I do next?

A: Make an appointment with a licensed Beltone™ hearing professional. A hearing test in Red Deer will help you understand what you are and are not hearing.

Q: What should I expect to happen during my hearing appointment?

A: Your Beltone hearing care professional will use a number of methods to help determine whether or not you have hearing loss. He or she will ask you questions about your lifestyle and hearing needs, and then you’ll be given a hearing test in Red Deer, a video ear exam and a word discrimination test. The data collected will be examined and next steps will be decided.

Q: If I have to get a hearing aid, how much do they cost?

A: The cost of a hearing aid varies greatly depending on its style and technology. We offer a range of options, and your hearing care professional will help you choose the right type of hearing aid. In addition to that, we work with most insurance companies and there are often discount programs you can take advantage of—we’d be glad to make suggestions.

Q: What is digital hearing aid technology?

A: Digital hearing aids convert sounds to digital signals, which then allows the hearing aid to automatically adjust the sound heard to the ideal loudness for that particular person’s hearing needs.

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Q: How often do I need to have a hearing test in Red Deer?

A: Just as you do with health physicals and vision tests, it’s important to have your hearing checked annually.

Q: Is it possible to try on a hearing aid before buying it?

A: Yes. We give you an opportunity to take your hearing aid with you for a “test run,” giving you a chance to use it in a number of different hearing situations before finalizing your choice.

Q: What is open fit hearing aid technology?

A: Open fit hearing aids are designed to be comfortable, cosmetically appealing and produce natural sound quality, avoiding the plugged up feeling other hearing aids can give.

Q: Can I protect myself from hearing loss?

A: One risk factor for hearing loss is prolonged exposure to very loud noise (such as a vacuum cleaner, lawnmower, chainsaw or jet planes taking off) or even occasional exposure to loud noise (for instance, at a noisy restaurant or rock concert). Such noise can cause irreparable damage to miniscule structures in the cochlea. If you are exposed to noise over 90 decibels, make sure you wear earplugs to protect your hearing.

Q: What if my hearing professional says I need two hearing aids—is that really necessary?

A: Usually, hearing loss affects both ears equally, and 90% of patients need two hearing aids. The advantages of having two hearing aids are as follows:

  • You’ll have the ability to localize sound and determine the direction/distance of sounds.
  • Your hearing will be more balanced.
  • Your ability to comprehend speech will be better than with only one hearing aid.
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